Friday, 30 August 2013

RethinkRemakeReLove Book Bag Workshop

So Autumn is nearly here and our brand new RethinkRemakeRelove workshops kick off next week.  

First up we have our Book Bag Workshop, we will be upcycling durable denim jeans to made sturdy book backs on the 5th of September.  They are perfect for students, teachers or anyone who has lots of things to carry around to the office or studio.  The bag is a great way to start your sewing journey as it is all straight lines.  There will also be a number of materials you can use to embellish your design, the possibilities are endless!

If you would like to join us get in touch via email at

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Website Update

Hi everyone hope you are all well.  Things have been non stop for the last few weeks with the denim lovers project with Selfridges, organising workshops, having a good stock clear out, getting ready for Uni in September, my best friends hen do and a week in the sun in Greece .... phew I think I need another holiday to get over it all!

I have just started reorganising my stock and the massive process of updating the website has begun.  I have just restocked my one off hand made cards.  The 'Something Old, Something New' range combines a mix of vintage materials and stitching to offer an alternative to the usual high street designs.

Over the next few days I am going to be photographing jewellery and hair accessories.  My website is if anyone of you would like to pop over and take a look your feedback is always useful and welcome.  

Laura xxx