Sunday, 29 April 2012

Laura Loves.... Tweeting!

I have just set myself up on Twitter my username is lauraloves1 and I would love it if you could come follow me, maybe send the odd tweet?  I would love to follow some of you too so leave your details in the comment box.  

Laura xxx

Laura Loves .... Jewellery

Although I design and make my own pieces of jewellery I am forever purchasing jewellery.  My friends often call me a magpie as I am addicted to anything shiny! I mostly buy costume jewellery pieces and my favourite High Street pieces as usually found in H&M, Freedom @ Topshop and on Asos.  

Over the last few years I have found that I have been buying some more expensive pieces whilst on my travels.  I have also found some unique and handmade pieces from some of the vintage fairs and markets I have attended and from online jewellery sellers.  Here are some of the pieces I have bought over the last few weeks.  

Carol Lee $65

First is the Sweet Stone Bracelet by American designer Carolee.  I picked this up in Bloomingdales whilst in New York.  I fell in love as soon as I saw it, it definitely ignited my inner magpie! The bracelet is a stunning collection of semi precious stones and it has hardly left my wrist since I bought it.  When I purchased the company was also running a promotion where $5 from each sale was donated to Breast Cancer charities.  Since getting home I have looked on the company website and I have added a New York City charm bracelet to my latest wish list.


Whilst in NYC i also went to a few markets.  Whilst there I picked up two rings which I chose because I loved the unique designs.  I have had a number of people asking me about them every time I wear them.  
I picked up both of these rings for $25 from a stall in the Hells Kitchen Market.  Unfortunately the seller did not have a website so I cannot post a link to her creations.  I did pass on my email address and she assured me she will pass on the details of her site when it is up and running. 

Tallulah Rose
I have also been wearing a piece by Tallulah Rose  which was given to me at the last event we traded at together.  The necklace is one of my favourites as it reminds me of my trip and it also features my favourite colour pink!

This weekend I was lucky enough to stumble upon a huge find of some gorgeous stamps, fabric and vintage sheets of music so I will be working hard over the next few weeks to make some new and unique pieces of jewellery.  I have managed to source a number of US stamps so I am hoping to create a range inspired by my recent travels.  I am also going to create a range to celebrate Great Britain to commemorate both the Diamond Jubilee and London 2012. 

Vintage Sheet Music Necklace £12
Floral Fabric Necklace £12
What purchases have you made over the last few weeks?  Laura xxx

Laura Loves... Wedding Season

As it one year on from Kate and Williams wedding (I can't believe how fast time flies!) it is official we are now beginning wedding season.  I am going to a family wedding in Ireland at the end of May and have been frantically searching for the perfect outfit.  So far I have managed to narrow it down to one or two choices but I am still scouring the High Street's latest collections which I will be blogging about in the next few weeks.  

My latest find is a dress from Primark which is priced at a very reasonable £17.  I really love the shape and style of the dress, it is a beautiful orange colour and has a slightly pleated skirt.  

Primark £17

The dress came with a belt but whilst I was shopping this weekend I picked up a gorgeous flower belt from H&M.  I really love the collections they have in at the moment and they have just opened a store at a retail park near to my house which is really handy.  The belt was only £6.99 and I think it really complements to shade and style of the dress.  

H&M Belt £6.99

Wedding Outfit

I am going to team the outfit with some nude shoes and a gorgeous beaded bag I purchased from New Look last week. 

I am also going to go fabric shopping this week for some fabric to complement the dress or accessories to make myself a fascinator.  Last year I made a number of custom hair pieces for Proms and Weddings.  I have included one piece which was designed for a Prom, I particularly loved this one as it included some vintage detailing.  I will be uploading new designs over the next few weeks to my website and Facebook page.  

Laura Loves Handmade Fascinator

Are you attending any weddings over the Summer?  Have you found any perfect outfits or accessories?  

Laura xxx

Friday, 27 April 2012

Festival Style

After seeing the footage of Coachella I am getting really excited for the festival season.  This year I am attending a few festivals including the fantastic Strawberry Fields Festival where I will be trading.  In preparation for the festival season I am working on some new ranges including customised vests, t-shirts and shorts and lots and lots of new jewellery.  Expect some website and Facebook updates soon.  

Whilst shopping the other day I went into Topshop and browsed their new collections.  I have uploaded two of my favourite looks perfect for dancing in a field with friends this summer!

I will be uploading some more festival pieces to my website in the next few days.  Here is a sneak peek at some of the collection.  

Flower Headbands - A huge seller last year, perfect for festival hair!

Hand constructed flower head bands.  

Hand constructed bow head bands.

As with all of my other jewellery and accessories the headbands will be limited to a small number of items in each fabric.  Keep your eyes peeled for updates on my website and Facebook page.  

Are you going to any festivals this year? Have you got any festival style tips? 

Laura xxx

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Lulu Guinness

Whilst on my travels I made a purchase in Lulu Guinness.  A bag that I hope will be the start of a growing collection as I am absolutely in love!  I went into the Lulu Guinness store on Bleecker Street before my second visit of the week to Magnolia Bakery!  The shop was retail heaven at the moment I only sell online but a shop has been a lifelong dream and Lulu Guinness was like walking into my perfect idea of a store.  Florence and the Machine playing, shelves full of gorgeous treats and incredibly helpful and friendly staff.  

Kooky Cat Lily Tote £50

Whilst I was there I picked up a beautiful Cat Tote bag, it is so practical, big enough to fit in all of life's essentials; my mac, filofax, purse, keys, mobile and make up bag.  The bag costs £50, online postage is a very reasonable £4.95.  

I also loved the way my bag was packaged, packaging is very important to me and I am working on new ways of presenting my jewellery and accessories.  My jewellery now arrives packaged in handmade pouches and is available from  

Have you purchased anything recently? Have you got any quirky packaging ideas? 

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Laura Loves Festival Jewellery

Although the weather is rubbish at the moment we are preparing for Spring/Summer with our new range of festival bracelets.  I have designed a new range of Ribbon Bracelets which I have just added to my website.  Each bracelet has been handmade and I am limiting each design to between two and 10 bracelets.  Each bracelet will be delivered in its own recycled handmade pouch.  
I have added a few pictures of some of my favourite designs, they are priced between £5 and £8.  
Gemma £5

Sophia £6
Isla £8
Heidi £5

I have had lots of feedback on the bracelets, I have been wearing them over the last few weeks to try and get into the summer mood.  I will be designing many more festival and summer perfect jewellery over the next few weeks.  I have also just booked to trade at the fantastic Strawberry Fields festival in the summer.  I traded at it last year and it was a wonderful weekend.  I will be uploading a blog about the event closer to the time. 

Are you going to any festivals this year? I would love to hear about some of the trips you have planned this summer. 

Laura  xx

Laura Loves...Time in Times Square!

Whilst in New York I got to mix two of my favourite things, sightseeing and enjoying a few cocktails with friends.  On a recommendation we visited the Renaissance Hotel Bar, Times Square and it is a must place to visit if you are nearby.  The views across Times Square from the bar are breathtaking and the bar really is a hidden gem.  Prices were reasonable with cocktails priced between $12-$15.  Here are some pictures from the bar.  

Bright Lights of Times Square

Looking out on the crowds in Times Square
My favourite cocktail of the evening was the Cuban Society (if you are 18 or over click the link to find out how to make your own) and on returning from my trip I discovered that Renaissance have their own App which I will hopefully be testing out at a few summer BBQ's with friends.  

Do you have a favourite cocktail? Have you found a hidden gem to eat or drink in?  I would love to hear about them xx

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Laura Loves .... Liverpool Sea Odyssey

Liverpool is one of my favourite cities, there always seems to be something exciting happening there and this weekend was no exception.  Over the weekend the city hosted a huge event with french theatre company Royal De Luxe.  The inspiration for the event stemmed from a letter a young Liverpool girl, May McMurray wrote to her father who was aboard the ill fated Titanic the day before the ship sank 100 years ago.

The story behind the event was heartwarming and the turn out in Liverpool over the three day event was huge.  The story centred around a girl giant who was on a quest to receive news about her father a stowaway who died on the Titanic.  The Little Girl's Uncle has made a promise to search the depths of the ocean and to lay his brother to rest.  After 100 years he returned to Liverpool with the White Star mail box containing a special letter for her.  For the first two days the pair wandered around the city searching for one another before finally being reunited on Saturday evening.

  Over the weekend the streets were full of faces anticipating the arrival of the giants on every street corner.  Gasps of amazement as the giants arrived could be heard all around.   Tears were shed as the Uncle and Little Girl were finally reunited around us as people around us were overwhelmed with emotion after following the story so closely.  The girl dancing in the air was greeted by cheers and clapping and it was lovely to see so many people gathered on the last day to say farewell.  Certainly a weekend to remember!

I have posted some pictures from the weekend below, hope you like them! If you visited let me know what your favourite part of the weekend was.

Laura x

The Uncle shortly after rising from the Dock

Passing the Town Hall

The Little Girl on the boat through the City Centre streets.

Searching high and low for her Uncle.

Taking in the sights of St George's Hall and Lime Street

The Uncle hopping over the impressive Chinese Arch 

The post box containing the all important letter.
Uncle and Little Girl finally reunited.  

Uncle and Little Girl taking a well deserved rest before beginning their final journey.

An early morning dance.

Thousands line the streets to say goodbye.

On the final journey home.

Farewell to the giants.  

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Chelsea Chelsea I believe .....

The view in Chelsea 
Whilst in New York I took some time out from sightseeing to go and check out the sights of Chelsea in the West side of Manhatan.  I went to Chelsea Market and it was absolutely fantastic, it reminded me of a few events I have visited in the UK such as The UpMarket on Brick Lane but on a much bigger scale.  The market is built in the former National Biscuit Complex where the famous Oreo cookie was invented and produced.  

 The whole market was absolutely buzzing with people.  On entry there were some fantastic cake and bread shops and the entire top floor was full of little shops selling lots of fresh produce,  quirky little gifts shops, flower stalls and a range of restaurants.  The smells of food was gorgeous and the shops were full of people catching up over lunch and drinks.  
Gorgeous surroundings inside the market.

Chelsea Artists and Fleas - Live DJ fab!

 My favourite part of the market was the pop up shop, Chelsea Artists and Fleas.    The pop up returned to Chelsea in March 2012 and will be there until May.  I definitely recommend a visit if you are in New York.  It was stuffed with around 30 fantastic stalls with a fantastic collection of items.  The pop up also had a live DJ playing a fantastic mix of new and vintage tracks.  I will upload a blog soon about some of the stalls inside the pop up and the goodies I picked up on my travels.  

Concrete Jungle

I spent the beginning of April in NYC.  It was my first trip to the Big Apple but it will most definitely not be the last! 
I fell in love the minute I glimpsed the impressive sights of Brooklyn on the way to the hotel from JFK.  I have included some snaps from my travels below. 
I <3 NYC

Times Square
View from the Empire State

Needle and Thread

The home of the most delicious desert - Frozen Hot Chocolate

Bleecker Street 
Converse Heaven

 Views from the Highline

Liberty Island

Empire State of Mind