Sunday, 22 April 2012

Laura Loves .... Liverpool Sea Odyssey

Liverpool is one of my favourite cities, there always seems to be something exciting happening there and this weekend was no exception.  Over the weekend the city hosted a huge event with french theatre company Royal De Luxe.  The inspiration for the event stemmed from a letter a young Liverpool girl, May McMurray wrote to her father who was aboard the ill fated Titanic the day before the ship sank 100 years ago.

The story behind the event was heartwarming and the turn out in Liverpool over the three day event was huge.  The story centred around a girl giant who was on a quest to receive news about her father a stowaway who died on the Titanic.  The Little Girl's Uncle has made a promise to search the depths of the ocean and to lay his brother to rest.  After 100 years he returned to Liverpool with the White Star mail box containing a special letter for her.  For the first two days the pair wandered around the city searching for one another before finally being reunited on Saturday evening.

  Over the weekend the streets were full of faces anticipating the arrival of the giants on every street corner.  Gasps of amazement as the giants arrived could be heard all around.   Tears were shed as the Uncle and Little Girl were finally reunited around us as people around us were overwhelmed with emotion after following the story so closely.  The girl dancing in the air was greeted by cheers and clapping and it was lovely to see so many people gathered on the last day to say farewell.  Certainly a weekend to remember!

I have posted some pictures from the weekend below, hope you like them! If you visited let me know what your favourite part of the weekend was.

Laura x

The Uncle shortly after rising from the Dock

Passing the Town Hall

The Little Girl on the boat through the City Centre streets.

Searching high and low for her Uncle.

Taking in the sights of St George's Hall and Lime Street

The Uncle hopping over the impressive Chinese Arch 

The post box containing the all important letter.
Uncle and Little Girl finally reunited.  

Uncle and Little Girl taking a well deserved rest before beginning their final journey.

An early morning dance.

Thousands line the streets to say goodbye.

On the final journey home.

Farewell to the giants.  


  1. aww wow that looks really fun! i love liverpool i lived there for about 3 months and loved it!x

    1. It really was fantastic, love your blog just had a read of your latest post x