Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Quick Hello/Like my Facebook Page to win xxx

Hi everyone hope you are all well, sorry for the lack of blogposts lately as I am sure you have guessed my time is being taken up getting ready for Mr Birds, I spent this weekend with a few friends packaging and labelling lots of stock which took a lot longer than I thought and still isn't finished!

I am really pleased to say I have noticed an increased in Blog and Twitter followers and my Facebook group is fast approaching 500 likes.  When I reach 500 I will be having another giveaway so make sure you have hit like on my page.  

I will be back with updates and some pictures soon,

Laura xxxx

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Mr Birds Update

Hi everyone the 13th of October is fast approaching and things are in full swing for the huge launch event of Mr Birds Emporium.  I thought I would share some photographs with you to give you a quick update.  

I have been busy making a new range of bags.
I designed and made this bag and it is part of a new range.

My shop space all painted.

Shop dividers up ready for some of the other traders.

Mr Birds Changing Rooms plastered in Vintage magazines.
What do you think so far? Are any of you planning on popping in to the launch on the 13th? Or if you are too far away and you know know anyone who would like to come and shop let them know! We are also looking for some bloggers to complete a post on the opening event so if you are available to visit Birmingham get in touch with us.   I will post an update with some more photos soon.  

Laura xxx

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Blog Followers Giveaway Winner

Hi everyone, thank you for entering my blog followers giveaway, I really appreciate it.  I have picked a winner using Rafflecopter.  

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Congratulations Zoe! Please contact me via email on lauralovesboutique@hotmail.com to claim your prize.  

Monday, 17 September 2012

Calling all Creatives

Hi everyone, hope you all had a good Monday.  This week Mr Birds is concentrating on filling the last remaining spaces in the 'Rent a Shelf' scheme.  If you would like to sell items in the shop for just £10 a week and receive 100% of the sales get in touch send a message to Sabina at info@mrbirdsemporium.co.uk or Laura at mrbirdscreativespace@gmail.com

 If you know anyone who would be interested please spread the word. 

Laura xxx 

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Bypost App and New John Lewis Ad

Hi everyone just a quick blogpost today, I can't believe it is Sunday afternoon already, time seems to be going nowhere these last few weeks!  I have really made a start on getting ready for the shop opening and Christmas which is starting to get scarily close! 

I will update you on all things related to Mr Birds later on in the week, for now i thought I would share with you an app I found the other week after reading a tweet.  The app is called Bypost and it is a really fab way of mixing old and new.  Apps like Instagram have become a real success and this gives users the opportunity to turn their photographs into postcards.  You upload your picture and write your message and then click send.  For 99p your image will be turned into a postcard and sent to a loved one! I am going to give this ago and I will let you know what I think.  

Have you used the app to send a postcard? What do you think?

Whilst talking about mixing old and new have any of you seen the latest John Lewis advert? I love it, especially the Paloma Faith version of INXS' Never Tear Us Apart. Click this link to watch it.  What are your thoughts?

Laura xx

Friday, 14 September 2012

September so Far

It's been a really busy month so far, unfortunately I haven't kept up with my personal challenge to update weekly instagram pictures on my blog so I thought I would share a few of my September snaps.  

 1. London Postbox
2. Jellyfish
3. Staircase in Tower Bridge
4. View from the London Eye
5. Gibb Street my new home in October!
 1. Letter bracelets available in any word.
2. Jimmy Carr
3. Brand new bracelets for Mr Birds 
4. Bright Pink, Pretty Little Poppet Top, Hightops
5. Sneak Peek of some new designs.  

Yesterday I picked out my paint and I will be making a start on designing my shop so I will update you with some more pictures soon.

Laura xxx

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Mr Birds Blogger Request

Hi everyone just a quick update today, things are really moving forward at Mr Birds and I would just like to share a request with you.  We are looking for Birmingham/West Midlands based bloggers or people who would be able to get to the launch event on the 13th of October.  If you are interested send an email to sarah@bitsandbowsboutique.co.uk


Laura xx

Monday, 10 September 2012

Website Update

Hi everyone tonight I have been really busy organising my website which I have neglected over the last few months as there doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day! 

I spent some money last year getting someone to design my logo and start my website off, I uploaded a few items to the shop section but it quickly went out of date as stock was selling well at vintage fairs.  Tonight I decided to try and make the website simpler to navigate around and I wanted to provide links to all my social networking sites so I concentrated on the front page.  I will adding more to the site over the next few weeks in time for the Mr Birds launch.

I used picmonkey to create the first image, this site was recommended to me by another blogger for organising pictures and they have recently added a Text option which was really handy for todays project.  

Unfortunately I didn't take a before picture of my website front page before I started but here is a screen shot of my finished design. 

You can get a better look by visiting my website, whilst you are there sign up to my newsletter I will be sending out emails every now and again with news, special offers and exclusive discount codes so leave your email if you are interested.  

I would love to know what you think of my new design and if you have any tips for website design I would really appreciate them as this is still all very new to me.  

Laura xxxx

Sunday, 9 September 2012

DIY Letters

 This week has been hectic, I have been getting lots of things done for Mr Birds, sorting through all my vintage stock and trying to plan how to decorate and organise my shop space.  This evening I took a bit of time out and sat and watched some Saturday TV.  Whilst I was watching I decided to have a go at something new.  Last week I picked up some craft supplies and I decided to make myself a prop for the shop.  I bought some Mod Podge glue which I have heard lots of rave reviews about, a floral decopatch sheet and a craft @ sign.  
I thought I would share with you how I decorated my letter just in case you would like a go yourself.  I started by applying a light coverage of glue.  I used a hog bristle brush to do this although any thick bristled brush would work.  I used Mod Podge as I bought it to use on some other projects.  When I enquired in the shop they told me that there were a number of special glues and varnishes available but the shop assistant also recommended good old PVA.  

I then cut the paper into different sized pieces and positioned them on the @ sign.  I covered them with a thin layer of the glue.  I used my fingers to flatten any bumps and made small cuts in the paper when I was trying to cover the rounded edges as I found this a lot easier.  

When I had covered the whole sign I applied another thin layer of glue.  I tried to make sure the strokes were even and then I left it to dry which took about 20 minutes.  I repeated the same steps on the reverse.  

I am really pleased with my first attempt, it's not perfect but I had lots of fun making it.  Next time I am going to try using smaller pieces of paper to cover the sign to see if I can improve the coverage.  

I am going to use this in the shop to display all of my contact details for Facebook, Twitter, ASOS Marketplace, my website and of course my blog.  

What do you think? Have you ever made something similar? Do you have any tips? 

Laura xxx

Friday, 7 September 2012

Vintage Sale

Hi everyone sorry I haven't blogged for a while I have been super busy getting ready for Mr Birds Emporium and I had a few days away in London.  Things are really underway now at Mr Bird, we have received the keys so it is full steam ahead!  I have been working on lots of new ranges so I have decided to reduce the amount of vintage stock I have.  I have started to reduce a number of my items on ASOS Marketplace, so if you love vintage or you are looking for a bargain head over and take a look.  

Vintage Floral Dress NOW £16 (WAS £26)

Mohair Lined Jacket NOW £24 (WAS £30)

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Marks and Spencers Very Vintage Dress Challenge

Todays blog is another blog challenge! I was drawn to this one as the prize is a Vintage Inspired trip to London.  If you would like to enter you can find the details of the competition here

So the challenge is to display an item of vintage clothing that you own and to scan the Marks and Spencers website for a dress that you think will stand the test of time. I chose a dress from my ASOS Marketplace collection as it is one of my favourite pieces, I inherited it from my aunt a few years ago when I first began to take an interest in vintage clothing but unfortunately I am too tall for the dress and it does not fit me properly so I have since decided to sell it.  

I have uploaded a picture of my beautiful ASOS model Annie wearing the dress as she can show the dress off best.  I chose this dress because I think it has stood the test of time.  Maxi dresses are always in fashion and this dress really reminds me of Florence and the Machine.  I really love the belt detailing and collar on the dress and the shade of blue is lovely.  

The next part of the challenge was searching the Marks and Spencers site for a dress to last the test of time.  I loved scouring the pages and I was really impressed with their new collection.  I often look in M&S when I am buying something for a special occasion and I am usually drawn to the Autograph and Limited Collection ranges.  I finally whittled my choices down to one and this is the dress I settled on. 

I chose a Limited Collection Striped Dress  because I think this dress will stand the test of time and will still be wearable in years to come. Unfortunately I cannot copy and paste a clear picture so for a better view make sure you visit the website.   The simple pattern can be dressed up or down and the dress can be accessorised easily to create different looks.  I would like this in my wardrobe because I think the shape would be very flattering and like the way it has been styled in the picture.  I would probably team it with some ankle boots and a black leather jacket for a casual look.  

Follow this link to the Marks and Spencers dress collection:  Why not give the competition a go? Send me you link so I can look at your choices.

Laura xxx