Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Mr Birds Update

Hi everyone the 13th of October is fast approaching and things are in full swing for the huge launch event of Mr Birds Emporium.  I thought I would share some photographs with you to give you a quick update.  

I have been busy making a new range of bags.
I designed and made this bag and it is part of a new range.

My shop space all painted.

Shop dividers up ready for some of the other traders.

Mr Birds Changing Rooms plastered in Vintage magazines.
What do you think so far? Are any of you planning on popping in to the launch on the 13th? Or if you are too far away and you know know anyone who would like to come and shop let them know! We are also looking for some bloggers to complete a post on the opening event so if you are available to visit Birmingham get in touch with us.   I will post an update with some more photos soon.  

Laura xxx


  1. It looks amazing, I so wish I could come. Could you not come up to Scotland and open one up here?

    P.S. That bag WILL BE MINE. That's a promise to you.


    1. Thanks, if you are ever looking for a weekend away you should pop to Birmingham! Thanks, I will be uploading more pictures of bags on Facebook and they will be available to buy through there, thank you for taking the time to read and comment xxx