Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Butterfly Love

Yesterday I grabbed a quick glance at This Morning whilst visiting a friend and I absolutely fell in love with Holly Willoughby's dress.  After a quick search online I found it on the Hobbs website.

At £139 it is a little out of my price range, however I have added it onto my winter wish list.  I have a family wedding in America next year so I may keep my eye on it and hope that it goes into the January Sales.  What do you think?

Part of the attraction to the dress is the butterfly print, I am fascinated by butterflies and love the beautiful colours and patterns.  I really enjoy going to the Butterfly Farm in Stratford and butterflies were a source of inspiration for one of my university projects.  

Butterflies have also made an appearance in my new pieces which are now online.  The butterfly clip sets are just £5 and have been very popular.  They are a perfect party accessory and look beautiful in up do's, available online now.  

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