Thursday, 10 April 2014

Alchemist Manchester Review

This week I paid a visit to one of my favourite bars, The Alchemist in Manchester.  I have been to all of the branches now in Manchester and Leeds. This time I visited the New York Street branch which is my favourite of the three as it is a little roomier.  

The cocktail menu in The Alchemist is seriously impressive, there are lots of options and most have added impressive detailing including popping candy, dry ice, colour changing capabilities and popcorn!

I went with a group of friends for some tea and cocktails, the atmosphere was very relaxed and the staff were excellent.  Service was very good and we took advantage of a 25% discount code which you can secure by signing up on their website. 

My personal favourite cocktail is the Bubblegum Daiquiri which is not listed on the menu but the staff will happily rustle one up for you.  It is absolutely delicious and tastes just like a stick of bubblegum.  It has a topping of popping candy too, what more does a girl need!

We also had some food which was delicious and real value for money.  I opted for the chicken fajitas which arrived sizzling to the table with generous portions of dips, salad, cheese and wraps.  My friends opted for similar dishes such as steak and vegetable fajitas, burgers and sandwiches and everyone of us was more than happy with the meal.  

Have you been to The Alchemist before? What did you think? 

Laura xx

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