Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Love Love Love - Gift Ideas

So valentines season is upon us and you can't get away from gifts in the shops so I thought I would share with you some of the ranges I have in store.  All items are available from Mr Birds Emporium and some will be available on my website in the next few days. 

Laura xx

Initial Pendants £4

Headbands from £8

Witty Hearts Cards

Map Pendants from £8

Music Pendants from £8 

Earrings £2 each or 3 pairs for £5

Witty Hearts Prints from £15 

Heart Pendants £8
Heart Rings £7 
Embroidered Initial Pendants

Lucie Whitehead Cards

Tallulah Rose Jewellery
Louise Jenkins Cards


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  2. Gorgeous pix, I love the love heart pendant and pink necklace.Thanks for your comment and nomination. Have taken bit of break from blogging but will get back into it soon. xxnicki