Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Becka Grffin Cards, Product of the Week

This week I have picked out the best seller from the weekend a beautiful card by Becka Griffin.   It is Mothers Day this Sunday so this card was super popular.  So popular it actually sold out but not to worry Becka has sent me a new batch in the post so they will be back in store at Mr Birds on Wednesday.  We also have one Mum print available in store too!

The card was also the topic of conversation in the shop and on instagram this week with a debate over 'mom' and 'mum'.  As a Brummie I have always said 'Mom' and lots of my midlands based customers agreed, however we have people from all over the country popping into the store so 'Mum' was just as popular.  

However you say it you will be pleased to know we will have both Mom/Mum variations of the card in store on Wednesday.  Be quick though, the were a complete sell out this weekend.  

Laura xxxx

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  1. Gorgeous cards. We say Mam here in dublin. Love your floral buttons too.


    nicki fannings blogspot.