Saturday, 9 June 2012

Laura Loves Wellies

So the British Summer really is in full swing! As the rain has been non stop I have been looking at some of the different types of wellies available perfect for recent rainy days and of course the upcoming summer festivals.  

My Wellies - A perfect mix of my favourite colours and of course florals!

A few years ago I was lucky enough to have a pair of the Hunter Royal Horticultural Society Sweet Pea Butterfly wellies as a present and even after attending numerous festivals and walks in the park they are as good as new.  I have had a quick look online and they available in the sale on some sites like M&M Direct for £44.99.  Although this is a high price they are worth it as they really do last.  Before getting my Hunter wellies I would usually buy a £10-£15 pair each year and I found that they always started to show some wear and tear or begin to leak after Winter.  Around this time of year Hunter's are usually available in TK Maxx with a large discount so it is worth checking our local store.  

Here are some of my favourite wellie designs available online: 

Davidson Biker Wellies - Topshop £30

I like these wellies because they would go with absolutely everything and on first glance they look like a pair of boots.  

Daisy Print - Welly Warehouse £19.99

I like the fun bright pattern on this set these will make anyone stand out in the crowd.  
Nautical Stripe Wellies - Matalan £12.00

I like the classic stripe wellies and think they would go with almost anything, they would also look fab with a pair of jeans for puddle splashing in the park!

Barbara Hulanacki @ George Asda £7

My last pick is a bargain pair of boots from George which are just £7 in the sale.  Designed by Barbara Hulanacki founder of Biba these boots are an absolute steal, the website only has a few sizes available in the skull print.  The boots are part of a very affordable range designed by Hulanacki for George, well worth checking out. 

I would love to hear your thoughts on the wellies I have picked, Laura xxx


  1. Ha! I just blogged about wells today as well. Thanks to the British Weather. Love the daisy print ones. They are so girly

    1. I think it must be the weather! I will pop over and read your blog tonight, thanks for coming over to my blog xx