Sunday, 17 June 2012

My Week

I have had a really busy week so sorry for my lack of blog posts.  I have recently started volunteering at my local community centre and I working with some teenagers on a project using recycled goods to make clothes.  It is only in its initial stages but it is really exciting, they have some fantastic ideas and it has been really good to see their responses to the brief.  As the projects continues I will try and get some photos.  

On Saturday I had plans to travel to Jersey for the day but due to problem that happened on the runway in Jersey my plane was delayed so I ended up not going.  Instead I went to a new restaurant in Liverpool called Tribeca.  It is based on Smithdown Rd but the chain also has a bar/restaurant in the city centre.  The decor inside is amazing, unfortunately I didn't take lots of pictures as my camera battery ran out.  They sell a huge selection of pizza's, most are £5.95 so it is really good value for money.  If you live nearby it is worth a visit.  
Tribeca Liverpool
The rest of my week has been spent flyering for some of the upcoming fairs I am going to, working on new designs and ranges and replenishing stock. Here are some pics from my week. 

Working hard on the sewing machine.
Vintage fabric ready to be transformed.
A finished bag ready for ASOS.
My favourite print so far. 
A sneak peek of my new range of t-shirts and vests.
Brand new headbands using vintage fabrics and buttons.
Getting pictures ready to upload on ASOS. 
What have you been up to this week?  I would love to hear from you.  

Laura xx


  1. The volunteering sounds like fun and should be reall interesting :)

    Tanesha x

    1. Its really interesting I will have to get some pics up of the things we have been doing x

    2. Yeah it would be good to see some photos :)

      Tanesha x