Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Laura Loves Haberdashery

I have recently set up a Haberdashery page on Etsy to sell everything crafty people need from buttons to vintage patterns.  Over the next few weeks I will be adding lots of items but I will be mainly specialising in Vintage supplies.  I use a lot of vintage buttons, fabrics and patterns in my designs but I have decided it is time for a bit of a clear out as my workspace is getting a bit cluttered!

I have created a Facebook group for you to follow to be updated on new stock so please feel free to join.  If you would like me to search for anything specific get in touch.  Here is an example of some of the stock online at the moment.  

La Mode Nautical Buttons - Original Packaging £1.50
I have tonnes of buttons for sale, most of the vintage ones are still on their original packaging.  

Vintage Buckle £1.50
I have seen the vintage buckles used in lots of different ways to create jewellery and even headbands. 

Vintage Knitting Pattern £2

I am thinking of buying some studs and spikes for people who want to customise items and possibly placing some fabric and lace in the store.  What do you think? What type of products would you like to see on sale? I would love to hear your feedback.  

Laura xxx

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