Friday, 24 August 2012

Bodega Birmingham

Last week I decided to treat myself to a meal in Bodega in Birmingham City Centre.  I was introduced to the restaurant by some friends who were trading in the same pop up shop as me at Christmas and it is my favourite eating place in the city centre.  

Bodega specialises in South American inspired cuisine, delicious cocktails, regional bottled beers and South American Wines.  It has a Sugarloaf Bar which is in the basement, which is open Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  It can also be hired out for private events.  

Upstairs is is vibrant and colourful and a fantastic place to chill out, have a drink and something to eat.  Bodega have a takeaway menu which has a huge range of food including my favourites, burritos and quesadillas.  Whilst you wait for food to be prepared you get a free soft drink or you can order over the phone so your food is ready and waiting when you arrive which I think is a fab idea!

When I visited with a friend we sat down in the restaurant section. I really like the layout and decoration.  Everything is very vibrant and on one wall there is a huge image of Rio's Christ the Redeemer Statue.   The restaurant wasn't packed as we visited around 2pm.  A large group of people were leaving as we entered so I think we had missed the lunchtime rush.  I have been in a number of times and it is often packed, don't be put off if you arrive and have to wait to find a seat it really is worth it.  

The service was fantastic, the waiter was really friendly and helpful and both our drinks and food arrived quickly.  I chose a small portion of Chicken Nachos (£4.60)  and my friend decided on a Chicken Burrito (£5.40).  We also shared a portion of Sweet Potato Batatas Fritas (£3.25).  The food was absolutely delicious, really tasty and the portions are very generous I really recommend it if you are visiting Birmingham.  

Chicken Nachos and Chicken Burrito 

Have you been before? Let me know what you think, 

Laura xxx


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    1. It really is, if you havent been I recommend it, thank you for commenting x

  2. Glad my being obsessed with this place at Christmas paid off and you loved it! Now i'm hungry!!!!!

    1. I know big thank you to you and claire for introducing me!! See you soon for Mr Birds xx