Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Tallulah Rose Range

I am really pleased to announce that I will be stocking a range of jewellery by Tallulah Rose in Mr Bird's Emporium.  I have sold the range of jewellery for a number of years at the vintage and craft fairs I have sold at so I am really excited to stock their new Autumn/Winter range in my shop from October.  

I have already posted some of the range on my ASOS Marketplace and I will be adding more over the next few weeks.  Here are some examples of the new range.  I have also included a few pieces of Tallulah Rose jewellery in my Blog Giveaway so make sure you pop over and enter as I will be picking a winner in a few weeks.  

Knotted Bracelet (Available on ASOS Marketplace)

Shell Heart Bracelet

Heart Trio Bracelet

Peace Charm Bracelet with Semi-Precious stone detail

USA mini state necklaces 

Laura xxx


  1. Ooo, the state necklaces! Def need the Florida one :)

    1. I know Kara they are adorable aren't they, they got them on a visit to America, they will be up on ASOS Marketplace in the next few days, just in the process of photographing all of the stock xx

  2. These are really nice, I enjoy your blog and I tagged you for a Liebstar Award. Check it out
    Hugs and kisses :)