Sunday, 15 July 2012

Blog Hop

Whilst taking part in a #bbloggers discussion on Twitter I stumbled upon a fantastic link for #BBloggers Unite who have organised a Blog Hop to allow people the chance to find other blogs to follow and to allow other people the chance to showcase your own blog.  

Take a look  at the blog. 

Laura xxx


  1. Hi! I really like your blog, your photo's and content you post are just so great! I really hope we get to know each other as I will be visiting your blog often, if you like my blog feel free to follow it too :P ! Feel free to stop by my blog, haha! I just started it yesterday :).

    1. Hiya Nicole, thanks for leaving a comment I really appreciate you taking the time to read my blogposts and make a comment. I will pop over to your blog and take a look. Good luck with the blogging x