Sunday, 8 July 2012

Sew Make Believe

Sew, Make, Believe is a Midlands based group that has been running since 2009.  Set up by two bloggers Caroline and Kate the club is rapidly expanding.  The original club began in Leamington spa and they have recently spread their wings to start a second group in Catherine de Barnes.

Sew, Make, Believe hosts regular get togethers where people meet to share skills, craft, chat, share skills and eat cake.  The group is made up of a number of people with a range of different crafting ability from beginners who attend to pick up skills to experienced crafters who demonstrate their knowledge.

Their website has lots of information about upcoming meetings and events.  It also has a fab tutorial section which is full of useful tips, instructions and hints.  I am hoping to attend one of the groups in the near future as they sound fantastic.

Have you ever been to one of the clubs or have you attended something similar?

Laura xx

All images taken from the Sew, Make, Believe Website.


  1. Thanks for this lovely write-up, girls - it was great to meet you the other saturday! xx

    1. No problem, nice to meet you too, hopefully see you soon at another event or at one of the meetings x