Saturday, 14 July 2012

Weave and Stitch

A few weeks ago I traded at the Highclare School Summer Fair and I met Rachael from 'Weave and Stitch' a fantastic company that makes a variety of bags and purses entirely from paper.  

Weave and Stitch make their bags from recycled paper, as you know I love to recycle and upcycle materials when I am creating items so that is one of the reasons I was drawn to the stall.  Each of the bags are weaved, sewn, shaped and varnished by hand and the unique designs mean you will not see lots of people wearing the same thing like high street designs.

I spoke to Rachael at the fair and she told me that she is currently testing the durability of a new wallet design that should be appearing soon.  Take a look at her Website, Facebook and Etsy page, she also does custom items.  Prices are really reasonable considering the amount of work that goes into each piece.  There are lots of different designs and styles, the pictures really don't do them full justice.    

Laura xxx