Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Calling all Independents

Hi everyone, hope you are all well, I have a had a few busy weeks having a good move around and sort out in the shop and I am really pleased with how things have gone.  I have changed the shop quite a bit, I no longer stock clothing but I have started to introduce the work of a number of independent artists and begun working on my own new ranges of cards, gifts and bags.

If you haven't already popped in my shop is in Mr Birds Emporium in Birmingham's Custard Factory just a short walk away from the City Centre.  There are a number of other independent traders in there that stock a huge range of vintage clothing, new Brum based brands, jewellery, art and much more. If you can't make it in to the shop, keep an eye out for my new and improved website.  I will be launching it in the next few weeks.

I have also begun stocking my work in a number of other retail outlets and I would love your help.  I am looking to extend the number of places I stock my work and I wondered if anyone knew of any places that sold the work of independent designer makers.  If you know of anywhere or you could point me in the right direction such as website or email address I would really appreciate it.  Drop me an email at lauralovesboutique@hotmail.com

Thank you, 

Laura xxxx


  1. Hi Laura it was so great to find your blog, thankyou for finding me! It's good to know where you are located i'll have to pop in sometime! :) xx

    1. Yes do pop up and see Mr Birds we have a new store being announced in the next few weeks too make sure you follow us on Twitter for more details @Lauraloves1 or @Mrbirdsemporium x