Sunday, 13 January 2013

Super Fat Eye Marker Review

I thought I would review a little gem I picked up in the Urban Outfitters sale a few weeks ago.  I love trying out different ranges of make-up but I have always struggled to perfect eyeliner.  

I saw this eyeliner in amongst a number of sale make up items and it was reduced to £4 so I though I would give a try.  The eyeliner is exactly as described and reminds me of the thick Berol felts from primary school.

The eyeliner is really simple to use and glides on easily, so far it is probably the easiest eyeliner I have come across to apply.  The line is easy to draw and its intensity, size and shape can be increased depending on the intended look.  

I have included a swatch of just the tip of the point and the edge of the marker below so you can get an idea of how it applies to the eye.  

I am really pleased with the product especially as it was such a bargain in the sale and I will definately look out for some more of the NYX Cosmetics products in the future.  

Laura xxx


  1. It really is! It's a really good product x

  2. It really does look like a Berol pen, intensity of the black is really nice x

    1. It is fab, thanks for taking the time to read and comment xx